Advanced Service Solutions

Maintaining your stores and handling emergency repairs can be a time-consuming, aggravating chore. That’s where Advanced Service Solutions can help.

We’re a national facilities maintenance company that can manage your complete range of store maintenance issues for ALL locations nationwide, including:

  • Interior & Exterior Maintenance
    Planned maintenance on HVAC and plumbing, janitorial services, emergency repairs to plumbing, HVAC and electrical.
  • Landscape Service
    Lawn care, irrigation, annual clean-up
  • Lot Maintenance
    Snow removal, sweeping, pothole repair, line striping, storm drain maintenance

We also provide on-demand handyman services:
– carpentry
– painting
– plumbing
– electrical
– locks
– glass replacement
– HVAC repairs
… and much more.

• All services are provided at pre-defined hourly rates to eliminate surprises.

• All service providers are managed by us to ensure quality and responsiveness.

• All services for all of your locations are billed on a single monthly invoice, making it easy to track and allocate expenses. 

When service is needed, you make one phone call and we handle the rest.

Want to learn more about how Advance Service Solutions can control maintenance costs and simply your business?


Jack Mansfield

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