Julie Patchett


Julie joined the ACC corporate staff as an Operations Manager and Auditor in 2009. She has since transitioned into accounting where she assists the CEO and CFO with financial reports, forecasts and projections, as well as overseeing the company’s auditing and billing process.


Julie has 25 years of work experience in the area of financial reporting and analysis. Prior to her involvement with ACC, she spent 13 years with a major international retail company where she assisted the Market Manager in tracking and maintaining profitability by reducing expenses for the 12 retail stores in their district.  Julie was recruited to Louisville in 2006 to assist the CEO and CFO of a wireless technology startup company with financial analysis, accounting and operations management.  Shortly after that company’s acquisition, she left to partner with two former principals of that startup to join the ACC team.  Julie also has hands on administrative experience in the printing, banking and legal fields.


Southern Illinois University