ACC clients range from $50M to $100B+ in revenue. Fortune 500s, PE Firms, universities, and large corporations all benefit from working with us on an indirect cost reduction engagement.

Private Equity Firms + Portfolio Companies

An indirect cost reduction platform specifically for PE sponsored companies. Most portfolio companies we assist have a revenue of appx. $50M – $100B with a target savings objective of 7% – 35% per company, per category. Manufacturing, Health Care, Business Services, Retail Services, etc. All fees are performance based and tied to savings, so there is no risk for your firm or portfolio companies.

Corporations + Enterprise Businesses

Even for the largest and most successful companies, indirect expense areas often take a back seat for procurement teams as they focus on core business needs, and for good reason. Indirect expenses are a low priority but a high cost to manage. Optimizing indirect procurement expenses is our core focus. Our Louisville, KY based team works with blue chip suppliers, incumbent vendors and a network of trusted SMEs to return meaningful dollars to your bottom line. With seamless implementation, we lower your non-core expenses and improve your profitably.

Universities + Colleges

The ACC team understands the unique challenges higher ed institutions face when identifying and implementing cost reduction programs. Using targeted procurement strategies, ACC aids colleges and universities in reducing expenses across all departments without impacting set school processes or student / staff experiences.

GPOs + Marketplace Development

We create and manage industry-specific, custom branded GPOs for national franchise management groups, restaurant chains, QSRs, fitness centers and more.

By combining purchasing power and leveraging national contracts, we lower your vendor pricing across 40+ categories, improve your supplier service, and simplify your internal processes. A branded GPO marketplace is a true value add to all of your corporate and franchisee-owned locations.

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