Custom Savings Marketplace Development

Your partner for fixed and recurring indirect procurement optimization for franchise and industry groups

Significant, measurable cost savings on indirect expenses across all locations

Ready-to-go savings on 25+ indirect service categories

Trusted + vetted vendor network

Full service group savings organization development

Concept | Execution | Management | promotion

Custom Marketplaces and Procurement Consulting for Multi-Location Business & Franchise

ACC supports your existing procurement function to implement savings strategies across non-core procurement expense areas across your franchise locations. We act as an extension of your procurement function, expanding your capabilities and allowing your team to focus on core tasks.

Franchise and Mulit Location Cost Reduction

EBITDA Improvement through…

Leveraged national agreements, skilled contract negotiators, subject matter experts and market comparisons

Custom Buying Groups

Proprietary ACC audits ensure contract compliance, improve forecasting and measure savings as they affect your bottom line.

Track Maverick Spending

Highlights missed savings opportunities and keeps stakeholders accountable as good stewards of company funds

Performance Based Fee Model

We are paid on actual, audited savings; if we do not reduce your expenses, there are no fees for our work in that expense area.

ACC’s experts work with individual locations and/or corporate offices to develop custom marketplaces that fit your specific needs

  • Expertise in marketplace development & management

  • Execution of design, creation, management and profitability

  • Capability to develop all marketing materials / websites in-house

  • 10+ years of GSO development experience

  • Common results of 5% – 30% per location, per category

  • Procurement transparency

  • Ground up program development and management

  • Discounts may be offered to employees as an additional perk

Alliance Cost Containment Savings Portal Screenshot Overview

Approximate number of data rows entered and analyzed for one ACC client engagement


Ready for an overview of your industry group’s procurement spending?

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