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Our mission is to help your company:

  • Increase your bottom line
  • Realize measurable, hard-dollar savings
  • Benefit from our substantial purchasing leverage
  • Gain an expert negotiations partner
  • Reduce vendor pricing
  • Validate current spending


From an increased bottom line to a no risk engagement, there are many benefits to a partnership with ACC.

10–40% savings possible on everyday expenses. Multiplied by 12 months, we are talking real bottom line improvement.

Often, only one internal contact and a few hours are all that are needed for you to see preliminary findings.

Transparency is top priority for our work and client relationships. All found savings are clearly presented in a summary report.

ACC’s work is fully guaranteed; if there are no savings, there is no fee and our work for you is 100% free.


Discover how we have helped clients save… and those savings went right back into their businesses.

ACC is the cost reduction industry leader.

Clients come to us because of our unmatched market knowledge, purchasing leverage, national purchasing agreements and subject matter experts. View more success stories


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ACC has found significant savings for hundreds of reputable companies, from private equity firms to Fortune 500’s. Here are a few examples out of many:
FPL Foods
Cook Medical
Delta Dental
NY Jets
Olin Brass
Transylvania University
Long John Silver’s

What Clients are Saying

  • The staff of the Community Action Council always made our best efforts to find the lowest costs. We took advantage of state-wide pricing contracts to ensure that the lowest price has been found. In spite of our efforts, ACC’s contract pricing and negotiating techniques resulted in lower pricing on over half of the suppliers reviewed in this project. The negotiations with our postage meter and copier suppliers were particularly valuable, helping us lock in large discounts for five-year contract periods.

    – Jack Burch, Executive Director, Community Action Council
  • Ohio Valley Wholesale was very pleased with the results we experienced with our ACC cost containment project. We achieved significant savings consistent with their original estimates. The bidding and bid acceptance process was smooth and easy, with no pressure to accept any particular bid. The follow-up and billing process was clear and accurate. Overall, I was impressed with your professionalism, the ease of implementation and execution, and – most importantly – the results that were achieved.

    – Jim Glockner, CEO, Ohio Valley Wholesale Distributors
  • We worked with Alliance Cost Containment to help us analyze our spending and determine if we had the potential for cost reductions. Their team did an excellent job of involving the right people and keeping the meetings and staff interruptions to a minimum. The reports we received were informative and professionally prepared. What we loved about the process was the zero risk. If we didn’t save money, we were not out-of-pocket. We were pleased with both the results and how the process was conducted. We would not hesitate to recommend ACC to other folks interested in obtaining cost savings based on actual results.

    – Don Sever, Deputy Director of Administration & Finance, Blue Grass Airport
  • The program was a major win. ACC’s VP met with me in person, and then we communicated a few times by e-mail. After we provided the standard information they needed, ACC put together a high-level report with recommendations for us to approve. After that, the savings rolled in. I suggest that anyone trying to contain costs give ACC a call.

    – Mike Long, Owner, Long’s Pic Pac
  • We were very pleased with the services of Alliance Cost Containment. There were no downsides for us to look at several areas of expenses to see if we could reduce some of our costs. The end result was significant amounts saved in multiple areas. Our relationship with ACC helped improve our overall financial performance.

    – Randy LeMay, CFO, Lexington Clinic
  • We were a billion dollar operation during our first engagement with ACC. Since then, we have doubled our revenue. They secured us lower prices in an area of MRO manufacturing facilities that we could not have done without them. They had key contacts, relations with premium vendors and a network of companies that returned remarkable savings for us — more. Their process was transparent and proof was quantitative.

    – CFO, Manufacturing and Distribution Company
  • The obvious benefit to mention is how much money we saved after partnering with ACC. Equally impressive, however, was how little work was needed internally for it to happen. ACC rolled up their sleeves and went to bat for us. After pulling our records, our job was essentially finished. They worked through the complicated elements like contracts and supplier negotiations, taking the time to learn about our specific purchasing needs. They found savings in every category they reviewed and cut 20% off of our annual spending.

    – Accountant, The Collegiate School
  • ACC reduced costs in ways our internal procurement team never considered. They really leveraged their buying power for impressive savings company-wide. We benefited greatly from Alliance Cost Containment’s cost analysis and negotiations. I would absolutely recommend this service.

    – CFO, Office Furniture Business
  • We were impressed by the straightforwardness of ACC and their philosophy that if they don’t generate documented savings, then they don’t get paid. With their buying power we were able to negotiate better pricing with our existing vendors and realized some really outstanding savings. Their initial findings were so impressive that I extended our agreement to utilize them in other departments of our organization.

    – CFO, National Travel Services Company
  • What separated ACC from their competitors was that they did not come in making strong promises. They were disciplined, did thorough homework and were very quantitative. Their team poured over all of our purchasing info, gathered the facts and did an impressive analysis to find where our organization could benefit most. We came out with more than 35% in savings that went right into our bottom line.

    – CFO, Manufacturing and Distribution Company
  • We were extremely impressed with what ACC did for our organization. Their consultants were very knowledgeable, but more importantly, they helped us save more than 30% on our energy and shipping costs. At the beginning of the project they laid out a game plan so there were no surprises. We went by that plan and the result was a major win for our business.

    – CFO, Large Manufacturing Company
  • ACC achieved savings in significant areas. Our relationship with them was extremely helpful because we have several campuses across the state and no internal procurement department. ACC helped us identify areas where consolidating expense would be beneficial and turned those findings into savings. ACC’s buying power helped us see benefits across the entire 7,000 student institution and saved us more than $105,000 annually.

    – Vice President of Business Affairs & Personnel, Galen Nursing School

Is your business overpaying for common expenses?

Did you know that indirect expenses…

Often amount to 7.5 – 15% of a company’s revenue.
Have a low strategic relevance to businesses, but a high cost to manage.
Make it difficult for companies to independently achieve lower costs without volume leverage.
Are our area of expertise. We negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our national contracts & buying power to get you the best price on the market.

Partner with us to reduce costs & raise your profits.