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Reduce Indirect Procurement Costs

ACC is a cost reduction company focused on value creation, strategic sourcing services, and organizational process improvement for private equity portfolios, corporations, higher education and franchise management groups. Through the strategic cost optimization of non-core / indirect procurement expenses, ACC helps companies make the most of their existing resources.

Safety N95 and lower costs for manufacturers
  • Increased profitability / valuation
  • Implemented and audited bottom line improvement
  • Substantial purchasing leverage
  • Subject matter experts in each expense area
  • Reduced vendor pricing & improved service
  • Streamlined purchasing processes
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Improve Your EBITDA + Business Processes

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Many businesses face the challenge of reducing operating costs without cutting personnel. Top businesses are increasingly integrating cost reduction initiatives into their procurement strategies. If your organization does not have an indirect procurement strategy, let us help.

Common indirect expense areas
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Private Equity Firms

  • Ability to review multiple PE portfolio companies simultaneously
  • Due diligence support – Estimate savings potential of a prospective investment
  • Full visibility into indirect spend portfolio-wide; biweekly flash reports keep you up-to-date
  • Improve EBITDA & valuations without disruption to operations
Private Equity Firms
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Large Corporations

  • Focused on client profitability through a detailed cost containment process
  • Subject matter experts with extensive experience assigned to each category
  • Qualified companies receive a custom upfront savings estimate free of charge
  • Implementation support and ongoing savings audits
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Higher Education

  • Specialized process to capture value across campus in all departments
  • Finds errors in vendor billing, contract pricing, slippage and off-contract purchases
  • Improves forecasting and procurement transparency
  • Replaces lost margin from reduced enrollment
Institutes of Higher Ed
Audit Cost Savings Engagement

Franchise Groups

  • Specialized in the development and management of group savings organizations
  • Leverages group buying power for fragmented organizations under a common umbrella
  • 7% – 35% in savings for each spend area reviewed
  • No cost for franchisees to participate
Industry GPOs

Areas of Expertise

Our expense reduction efforts are focused exclusively on reducing costs that are considered non-core or indirect. These are the items and services utilized by every organization, but that internal procurement teams rarely have the time to optimize. 

Although indirect expenses are found in every vertical, we consistently realize impressive results for these industries

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Distribution
  • Fitness Centers
  • Food Supply Chain
  • Fortune 1000s
  • Health Care
  • Industrial Specialists
  • Industry Groups / Franchises
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • PE Portfolios
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Universities / Higher Ed

Ongoing Audits Illustrate Bottom Line Impact

Our proprietary tracking system looks at your purchases each month. The procurement audit shows:

–  Implemented savings compared to previous pricing

–  Inconsistencies in vendor billing and contract price compliance

–  Visibility, benchmarking of savings and full transparency into your current spend

–  Maverick spending where items are purchased off-contract

Audit data can also be used to drive future procurement, supplier decision-making and as a value creator for private equity firms during the exit phase

Your Cost Reduction Experts

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Meaningful Improvement

Save an average of 10% – 35% on non-core expenses for substantial annual bottom line contributions.

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Team Players

Top procurement professionals and the best subject matter experts in the industry make up the ACC team.

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Category Expertise

We know market prices and we know how to get you there. As non-core categories fluctuate, we’re tracking the impact.

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See how our expense reduction consultants reduce costs and translate savings directly to bottom line improvement.

Is your business overpaying for common expenses?

Did you know that indirect expenses…

Often amount to 7.5 – 15% of a company’s revenue.
Have a low strategic relevance to businesses, but a high cost to manage.
Make it difficult for companies to independently achieve lower costs without volume leverage.
Are our area of expertise. Our cost reduction consultants negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our national contracts & buying power to get you the best price on the market.

Our mission is to reduce non-core procurement costs for corporations, higher ed, private equity firms and their portfolio companies and franchise management groups.

Call us today for a complimentary savings roadmap to see what ACC can do for your organization.