A full service partner to lower your indirect procurement expenses

Your partner for fixed and recurring indirect procurement optimization

We use proven expense reduction strategies to solve issues unique to your business

Significant, measurable cost savings on indirect expenses across all departments

Laser focused on non-core expense costs and process improvement

Instills institutional behavioral changes & adherence to best practices

We develop an accurate baseline and work with skilled contract negotiators, national agreements and subject matter experts, to achieve the lowest market prices on common expenses.

You Know Your Business Inside and Out

ACC supports your existing procurement function to implement savings strategies across your non-core procurement expense areas.

Meeting room to discuss expense reduction strategy

EBITDA Improvement through…

Leveraged national agreements, skilled contract negotiators, subject matter experts and market comparisons

Monthly Savings Audits

Proprietary ACC audits ensure contract compliance, improve forecasting and measure savings as they affect your bottom line.

Track Maverick Spending

Highlights missed savings opportunities and keeps stakeholders accountable as good stewards of company funds

Performance Based Fee Model

We are paid on actual, audited savings; if we do not reduce your expenses, there are no fees for our work in that expense area.

Use data to spot sourcing opportunities and correct maverick spending

  • Identify missed savings opportunities
  • Sign documents awaiting signature
  • View vendor contract expiration
  • Monitor compliance and pricing accuracy
  • Full visibility and benchmarking of savings
  • Summary of saving by location and month
  • Identifies vendor overcharges and trends
  • Transparency of value generated by indirect procurement
Alliance Cost Containment Savings Portal Screenshot Overview

Approximate number of data rows entered and analyzed for one ACC client engagement


Ready for an overview of your indirect procurement spending?

Drop us a line to learn what ACC’s dashboard can do for a private equity portfolio or corporation. 

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    Popular Questions + Answers

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    Can this tool analyze all procurement spend?

    At this time, ACC’s dashboard is used exclusively for spend analyzed through Alliance Cost Containment engagements.

    Is it possible to purchase this software elsewhere?

    No, ACC’s dashboard was developed by a team of indirect savings experts and data analytics scientists for use by Alliance Cost Containment and ACC’s clients.

    Is this easy to use?

    Yes! You will be up and running with an understanding of how to analyze your indirect spending data in just a few minutes.

    Can my company get access to this without an ACC engagement?

    Right now ACC’s dashboard is only available for medium to large organizations and private equity firms and their portfolio companies who are engaged in a cost reduction project with ACC.

    Are there things in here not related to data analytics?

    To name only a few features, this tool shows you when contracts will expire or renew, where savings can be found in your organization or portfolio, a breakdown of indirect procurement by category, meaningful industry insights and much more.

    What are the industry insights?

    This section of the tool provides frequently updated insights from top professionals in each indirect spend category. Using the insights, you can make informed purchasing decisions for your company and watch for trends as markets shift.

    Indirect savings categories Include:

    • Commercial Insurance
    • Freight: FTL, LTL
    • MRO Supplies
    • Packaging
    • Pallets
    • Printing / Promotional Products
    • Property Tax Recovery
    • Reverse Auction
    • Staffing
    • Telecom: Wireless + Wireline
    • Utilities: Electric / Gas
    • Waste / Recycling Services
    • And many others

    Will ACC's dashboard show me what my company / PE firm is actually savings?

    Yes, down to the line-item level. As the Alliance Cost Containment team works with your company to reduce costs in various categories, the ACC team of data analysts will enter your data into the analytics portal. Throughout the project your team can view real-time progress of each category. Once ACC implements the savings solution, a comprehensive interactive monthly audit report is loaded into your individual portal show exactly what savings have been achieved.

    Sign me up! How can I get started?

    Getting started with ACC is simple:

    1. Send ACC a simple export from the accounts payable system of the company you would like ACC to review (12-month trailing spend by vendor).
    2. ACC conducts a preliminary analysis (no fee); results are displayed in ACC’s dashboard and you’ll have access to the portal and report for 2 weeks.
    3. The ACC team works with you to define which spend areas or portfolio companies to include in your initial engagement.
    4. Cost reduction engagement begins and your company sees profit improvements.

    When my engagement ends is the data gone?

    No, you can choose to extend your use of the ACC dashboard and preserve the data as long as you would like.

    I have a question about using the ACC dashboard, can you help?

    Our support team is here for you Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM EST.

    Please call ‭502-805-0971 or email support@alliancecost.com

    The ACC dashboard team will be glad to help!