Cost Reduction Case Studies

Our Focus Is On Client Results

The savings we deliver are based on actual findings and our success is measured from those results. Below are a few representative cost reduction case studies from the many corporations and private equity portfolio companies we serve.

Regional Hospital

The ACC Team was asked by a regional hospital to review a long-term relationship with their insurance broker. Their existing provider’s service was very good, but the hospital wanted to know if it was receving a competitive price for the market.

Our Subject Matter Experts examined the policy and eliminated specific coverage gaps and duplication. While bidding the new package to the incumbent and two other brokers, we found that one of the new brokers bidding used deeply specialized knowledge of healthcare to offer a superior service package — and a cost savings of 32%.


Annual Cost Improvement


Indirect Expense Categories Reviewed

$100 Million Dollar Book Publisher

With the rise of e-readers and tablets, publishing companies are getting leaner to survive. A publishing powerhouse recently came to ACC to find ways to trim their operating costs. Using our national purchasing contracts and subject matter experts, we initially pursued savings in expense categories including:

  • Freight
  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Printing

With over $327,000 in annual savings identified in Phase 1, the client asked us to explore several other categories that yielded $300,000 more in additional savings.

12,000,000 Million Dollars in Annual Spend Reviewed
Thousand Dollars of Annual Savings in Phase 1
Average Savings Found Across Categories Reviewed

$1.8B Contact Lens Manufacturer

Express Mail Savings:
$4.7M in savings over previous contract terms


ACC’s bi-monthly audits hold the carrier accountable

On-going benchmarking of carrier performance

Transparent results & reporting

Cost savings counted towards the client’s revenue

  • $4.7M Realized in Total Client Savings

  • Meaningful reporting against invoice actuals and carrier contract terms.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Company

A company specializing in contract packaging for pharmaceutical companies is one of ACC’s recent success stories. After reviewing $11MM in annual indirect operating costs, we engaged suppliers in 14 different expense categories. Our most notable savings came from janitorial supplies, printing, MRO items, staffing services and packaging products.

Along with the hard-dollar savings that we found, the client was able to enjoy additional soft-dollar savings by streamlining selected processes and reducing A/P processing expenses through a smaller base of suppliers.

Percent Average Savings From Categories Reviewed
Million Dollars In Annual Spend Reviewed
Thousand Dollars In Annual Savings Realized

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